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Creative Coloured Glass

Decorative & Architectural Benefits

Tinted Glass for Solar Protection

We’re all familiar with the aesthetic beauty of coloured glass, having admired intricate stained glass windows in iconic buildings across the land. However coloured glass isn’t just pretty – it has all sorts of performance benefits too, which make it very desirable as architectural glass, beyond its decorative qualities.

Body tinted glass, for example, is produced by adding small amounts of metal oxide to the float or rolled glass composition which colours the glass bronze, green, blue or grey without affecting the basic properties of the glass. Tinted glass is used inside and outside of buildings to reduce glare and solar heat gain while still admitting natural light. 

We supply and fit a range of high quality tinted glass which can be used to glaze windows, conservatories, atriums, covered walkways, facades and anywhere else that needs solar protection.

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Coloured Glass Options

There’s another very popular form of coloured glass that we are increasingly being asked for, especially for applications like storefront windows, is two or more laminated glass sheets sandwiched with a coloured interlayer.

This laminated coloured glass is available in a wide choice of colours, offering more design options than tinted glass, with the added benefit that the coloured interlayer offers impact protection.

We also offer coated glass, where non-reflective coloured coatings are applied to the surface of the hot glass during the production process, bonding to the glass at the molecular level with a durable finish. 

Enamelled glass – made by ceramic paint being deposited on the glass surface – is another coloured glass option, especially when an opaque lustrous toughened glass is required. Ideal for decorative use with almost unlimited design opportunities indoors and out.

Coloured Glass Processed to Order

As leading glass merchants in and around Bath and across west Wiltshire and South Gloucester, we supply a wide range of coloured glass in various thicknesses and types suitable for a wide variety of applications. We also fit coloured or tinted glazing on request in windows, doors, conservatories, roof lights and other glass domestic or commercial structures.

We will always do our best to match your coloured glass requirements and what we don’t have in stock, we’ll do our best to source for you. We can arrange to have coloured glass cut and prepared to your specifications for things like glass shelving or splashbacks.

Abbey Glass & Windows are your one-stop shop for all kinds of decorative glass, coloured, frosted, translucent or just plain transparent. Consult us for all your glazing requirements – we give free no-obligation quotations.

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