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Glass Processing Service

Top Quality Processed Glass Supplied

We offer a special service for local trades people, manufacturers, artisans, designers and crafters who need glass of a specific type, pattern, colour, texture or dimension, that is cut, drilled, bevelled, shaped, sandblasted, coated or printed to order for completing tailor-made projects, including fabricating their own windows and doors.

As leading glass merchants serving the city of Bath and surrounding area, south Gloucestershire and Wiltshire we supply and deliver top quality glass prepared to specification for commercial and domestic customers.

To order just contact us with the details of what you need. Our knowledgeable glass and glazing experts will be able to assist you with advice if you need it.

Abbey Glass Stair Banister Glass Chippenham
Abbey Glass Stair Banister Glass

Countless Processing Options

One of the reasons we are so passionate about glass is that it is recyclable, eco-friendly and such a versatile material, with such a myriad of processing options.

We can supply processed glass suitable for all sorts of applications with features such as:

  • Solar Control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic noise control
  • Fire retardant
  • Self-cleaning
  • Safety and security
  • Heat resistant
  • Sanitary
  • Decorative & Mirrored

Whatever you have in mind to make using glass – from feature windows to furniture, splashbacks or display cabinets – we’ll be able to provide the customised appropriately processed glass you need to produce a perfect product.

Tailored Glass Solutions

Abbey Glass & Windows has become the “go to” glass processing supplier in the area for those requiring glass solutions tailored to their vision. This is because we not only offer a great level of customisation but our glass is high performance and of consistent quality.

Our glass is so precisely processed that it is well suited for assembly in all sorts of fabrication settings and production lines.

Our trade customers appreciate the fact that we have decades of experience in the glass industry, and make the effort to keep up on the latest technological advances in glass processing. This means we are able to work with our clients to find solutions for challenging projects.

Abbey Glass Installing WIndow Chippenham

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