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Secondary Glazing

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Secondary Glazing in Wiltshire and Bath

Abbey Glass & Windows are the leading suppliers and installers of high quality made-to-order Secondary Glazing for windows of all shapes and sizes in and around Chippenham, Melksham, Devizes, Malmesbury and the city of Bath.

Secondary glazing is the stylish, sensible solution for existing single-glazed windows where, for various reasons, it is not possible to change single-glazed windows for superior insulated double-glazed versions. This includes historic homes in conservation areas and listed buildings, of which there are many in our area of operation.

Based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, we’ve been offering first class glazing services in the surrounding area and across the border into Bath and North East Somerset for more than 35 years. 

Secondary glazing is one of our biggest sellers, chosen because it is a system which doesn’t impact on the look or feel of a property, while providing great benefits for those living or working on the inside. Installation of secondary glazing on the inside of existing windows also offers all the advantages of double or triple-glazed windows without having to undergo the disruption of having the windows replaced.

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The Benefits of Secondary Glazing

There are several reasons why our customers are opting for secondary glazing to enhance the performance of their existing windows.

  • Thermal insulation is the number one advantage of secondary glazing, which adds an extra layer of defence against the cold outside. The small gap between the existing window and the secondary glazed unit acts as insulation, reducing heat loss by up to 65%.
  • Along with keeping the heat in and cold out, secondary glazing units also keep things quieter indoors. They’ve been shown to be the most effective glass solution for noise reduction. 
  • Security is another important benefit. Unlike traditional windows secondary glazing units are extremely difficult to open from the outside.
  • Last, but not least, the sleek design of secondary glazing units means they are almost invisible, not detracting in the least from the aesthetic value of the existing windows that they are installed behind. Your prized 17th Century sash windows won’t lose any of their charm when backed up by secondary glazing.

Purpose-built Secondary Glazing Units

We provide a range of secondary glazing units in six different variations, purpose-built to suit all property and window types.

Choose from:

  • Horizontal Sliders which slide from side to side to open.
  • Vertical Sliders that open top to bottom.
  • Hinged Units which open like a door to be truly unobtrusive.
  • Fixed Units for permanent fixture on the inside of a door or window.
  • Lift Out Units with frames that can be easily removed for cleaning or ventilation.
  • Bespoke & Arched Units made to measure for specific non-standard windows.

Secondary glazing units have slim, durable frames that are ultra strong and can be fitted with different thicknesses of double-glazing.

Our glazing experts at Abbey Glass & Windows will happily talk you through the options and advise you on the best type of secondary glazing to suit your property. Call us today on 01249 651515 to arrange a consultation and free no-obligation quotation.

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