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Glass Lanterns & Skylights

Make an Architectural & Environmental Impact

Let in more Natural Light

The most exciting way to transform a dull room is to add a rooflight, skylight or – on a flat-roof – a stunning glass roof lantern. Abbey Glass & Windows are experts at installing these great architectural features in and around Bath and the Chippenham, Wiltshire area.

Letting in light through glass roof features saves the cost of artificial lighting and can also reduce heating bills as they are glazed with thermally efficient glass. Best of all, research has shown that having more natural daylight in your home or workplace can reduce stress, improve your mood and induce better sleep patterns.

We offer made-to-measure customised skylights, roof lights and roof lanterns with a wide choice of glazing and frame materials and colours.

Abbey Glass Elegant Conservatory Windows Chippenham

Glass Roof Solutions

If you have a dark attic room, the answer is to install a skylight in the pitched roof. We’ll expertly size, position and angle it to attract the light you need. Choose between a sealed skylight that doesn’t open, or types that pivot or swing up allowing fresh air to circulate. 

A dim hallway or porch can be effectively cheered up with a rooflight in the ceiling, giving a view of the sky, either installed flush with the plane of a pitched roof or with a slight upstand on a flat roof.

The most spectacular glass roof of all is a lantern, projecting above a flat roof as a pyramid-shaped structure, made of an aluminium sectioned frame inset with panels of specialised glazing. These are particularly popular in contemporary kitchen/diner home extensions, but work equally well in commercial buildings.

A Choice of Glazing & Frames

The most important element of a roof lantern or skylight is the glass it contains. The type of glazing is dependent on many factors, but the main requirement is that it be tempered or laminated glass so as to be impact resistant and safe.

Our expert glaziers will be able to advise about other glass properties you may want to include in your roof glazing, for example there is insulated glass, heat-absorbing tinted glass, low-emission coatings, solar-controlled glass and self-cleaning glass. 

As for the frame of your roof lantern or roof light, they can be made in wood, uPVC or aluminium, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the choice of colour finishes, with a huge spectrum of the RAL colour matching system available.

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